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Residents want slower traffic

Pearlie Dawson moved into her home on Gaines Avenue a few years ago Pearlie Dawson moved into her home on Gaines Avenue a few years ago

People who live in a South Albany neighborhood say they're feed up with drivers speeding down their street.     

They say they've spoken to city officials about their concerns, but so far, nothing has changed. A recent rollover crash highlighted concerns by residents on Gaines Ave about speeding in their area. They worry someone is going to get hurt, and want city officials to help.  

Pearlie Dawson moved into her home on Gaines Avenue a few years ago and says she's concerned because of drivers speeding through her neighborhood.  "This particular area is more like for seniors and I'm very concerned about them as far as their safety and the speeding through the area."  

Earlier this week, a driver rolled his vehicle and took out one of her neighbor's brick mailboxes.   Dawson says she's talked with city officials, but so far things haven't changed. "An engineer from the city of Albany came to speak to me directly, and we kind of pointed out some things that was of great concern to us and that has fallen short."  

Sandra Washington, who grew up in the neighborhood, says she's seen some bad accidents over the years.   "Just last year we had a head on collision further down the street, so that happened and this happened the other night and a few years ago there was an accident where someone was killed down near the traffic light so this has been ongoing for years."  

City officials were unable to comment today, but there are speed limit signs posted on both ends of Gaines Ave.  

Phyllis Banks of Albany Police says they don't have any record of complaints in that area, but are willing to work with residents.  

"Now that we know that there is an issue in that area, we want to do our part at the Albany Police department to address their concerns. We will be glad to meet with them at any point to discuss any issues they have in that area. If it is regarding speeding, we will transfer that to our traffic department."  

She says anytime residents have concerns about speeding, they can call the traffic department and make a formal request to have the area monitored.    

City officials also told us those who want speed bumps installed in their area must pay for them out of their own pocket. Call 431-2100.


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