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Pot plants, pit bulls found at fugitive banker's home

(Ocala, FL Police) (Ocala, FL Police)
(Ocala, FL Police) (Ocala, FL Police)
(Ocala, FL Police) (Ocala, FL Police)
Price, before and after Price, before and after

The run-away banker and investor from South Georgia, who was the subject of a federal man hunt, may now face serious drug charges in Ocala, Florida.

Aubrey Lee Price is in federal custody in the Savannah area after he was caught in a traffic stop near Brunswick Tuesday.

Ocala, Florida Police searched the house he rents at the request of the owner, and found what appears to be marijuana grow operation, with over 200 marijuana plants, and at least two pit bull dogs at the house.

Here is the report from the Ocala Police Department-

On January 01, 2014, writer responded to 16535 N.E. Jacksonville Road, in reference to possible marijuana grow house. Upon arrival, writer spoke to Deputy Jones, who briefed writer on the incident. Deputy Jones stated she responded to the residence at the request of the owner/reportee Richard Lee Snipes.

The reportee stated he had returned from out of the area and stopped by to check the property he rents to suspect Aubrey Lee Price. The reportee stated the suspect also uses the name "Jason". The reportee stated he observed several marijuana plants growing in the garage and also observed two pit bull type dogs on the property.

Writer observed a single wide mobile home on the property and a detached garage. An air conditioning unit was on the north side of the garage. There was an opening next to the air conditioning unit, which writer could see into the garage area.

Writer observed several tall green plants believed to be marijuana. Writer also observed several bright lights throughout the room, where the plants were located. Animal control responded to the location and removed one pit bull type dog. Drug unit sergeant McClain, responded and assessed the incident.

Sergeant McClain instructed writer to stand by, as a search warrant would have to be obtained for further action. Writer secured the location until this task was completed. The warrant was obtained and sergeant McClain returned with additional agents.

Evidence technician Peavy, also responded to the scene. Evidence was collected and processed by both respectively.

Writer noted that 225 marijuana plants were removed from the property, 140 plants were removed from the mobile home, and 85 plants were removed from the garage area. Sector sergeant and watch commander notified.


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