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Officer returns back to work after being hit by car

Melanie Rodriguez Melanie Rodriguez

October 30th started as a normal day for Sylvester Police Department patrol officer Melanie Rodriguez, but as she directed traffic as students left Worth County High School, 17 year old student Frederick Johnson ran into her.  

"I was really shocked and I recall didn't realize at first how badly I had been hit," said Melanie Rodriguez.  

Rodriguez soon learned how bad her injuries were when she reached the hospital.

"I had several bruises, deep bruising to my left army and my shoulder area, the left side of my body took the hit from the truck," said Rodriguez.  

But she knows her injuries could have been worse.  

"They expected me to have a broken humerus in my arm, they also expected me to have some broken ribs, a torn rotator cuff, but I didn't end up having any of those, just a lot of bumps and bruises," said Rodriguez.  

Rodriguez says she has learned a lot from October's incident that could have taken her life.   "First of all it made me realize how blessed I am, second I realized that I'm a lot stronger than I thought I was" said Rodriguez.  

As for the young driver who hit her, she just hopes he learned a valuable lesson about why it's important to drive safely.  

"I want him to learn from this situation, I hope that he learns to pay more attention, better attention, and be aware of what's going on around him, hope it makes him a better driver," said Rodriguez.  

And she hopes this difficult ordeal will make her a better officer. Frederick Johnson was charged with distracted driving, driving on a learner's permit, and failure to obey an officer directing traffic.

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