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Teens respond to Snapchat leak

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Amber and Danielle Ward Amber and Danielle Ward
Snapchat hacked Snapchat hacked

Snapchat says it continues to try to improve the app to combat spam and abuse after hackers released more than 4 million user names and phone numbers.

Hackers warned Snapchat a week before the breach that they were vulnerable and would be hacked if they did not fix the problem.

The mobile sharing app was designed by Stanford undergrad's 2 years ago. Users can share photos and videos that disappear after recipients look at them's at it. But the pictures can still be screen saved.

Snapchat is popular among south Georgia teens and young adults. High school student Amber Ward says "It's pretty popular in my opinion. I started using it when I saw a lot of my friends using it and I got addicted and I got it on my own phone."

Her sister Danielle Ward said, "Once I found out about the hacking I wasn't particularly concerned. I don't use it for inappropriate pictures but it did raise a lot of concerns in my mind that people that do possibly use it for even mildly inappropriate jokes between friends now they're exploited."

 Both girls say they are aware of how putting anything personal out on social media could come back as a regret later in life, especially when the time comes to search for employment.


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