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Police need help identifying business burglar

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Tifton police are convinced the burglar that targeted 5 businesses in Tifton was no rookie.

They believe he carefully planned and calculated his crime. The man heads straight for the register and slams it to the floor in a frustrated attempt to get cash.

Police say he broke into four stores at a strip mall on South Magnolia Drive in Tifton on December 21st.

Luxury nails, Tifton Pet Center, Xtreme Tan,  and Ellie's Boutique were broken into. The burglar  was covered up pretty well, and even wore gloves.

He punched out the locks to all of the businesses first, then he returned entering each business," said investigator Dorminey McCrae.

He headed straight for the cash registers, pulled them from the wall and worked to get them open.

"He ran into each business approximately 20-40 seconds and basically just took the cash drawers," said store owner Michael Selph.

Police say he was fast and was in and out of four stores in less than 10 minutes.

"It took him 7 minutes to break into all the businesses and police arrived about 2 minutes after he left," said Michael Selph.

In all, he got away with nearly 800 dollars from the four stores.

"The owners of the businesses did everything they were suppose to do, they locked their business, they set their alarms, they went home and this guy made the conscious decision to go in and break into each business," said Investigator McCrae

Now business owners are left to pay for the damage.

Like in our case it cost us $300 to replace two drawers that only had $20 in both of them," said Selph.

 If your recognize the man in the video or have any information that could help police to identify him call Tifton police 229.382.3132

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