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All Terrain Vehicles crash deaths on the rise

John Talley, General Manager John Talley, General Manager

The popular All Terrain Vehicles are designed for off the road use, but more people are taking them on public roads, causing a rise in fatalities.

ATV's  are a great way to enjoy the outdoors, but experts warn they're not meant to be driven on public roadways.

ATV fatalities are on the rise because people are driving them in areas where they're not meant to be.

"The machines were never designed to run on asphalt. They're designed to handle properly in the dirt or the sand situation. You put them on cement and they are not going to respond," said John Talley, General Manager at PowerSports Plus.

John Talley, General Manager at PowerSports Plus, says A-T-Vs are great for recreation, but people need to use them properly.

"Every machine that goes out of here has the associated pamphlets and information of where to use the machine and where not to use the machine," said Talley.

According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, ATV's are prohibited on most public roads. About 340 crash deaths have happened on public roads in the last five years.

Talley says it's important that young people are driving an age appropriate A-T-V.

"6 years old they are regulated to 50 cc up to 90 cc. At 90 cc you have to be 12 years old until you are 16 and at 16 you can ride an adult size machine," said Talley.

Risky behavior, such as impaired driving, and not wearing the proper gear, can also lead to injuries.

"You really need to have to correct boots, the pants, the jerseys, and the chest protection. Most importantly, your helmet than your goggles and gloves," said Talley.

He also says people should ride alone. Talley says most ATV's are made for just one person.

Only ATV's made to carry passengers should have multiple people in them. Some exceptions for using ATVs on public roads include agricultural use.

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