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Cash registers are still ringing

Kasey Renfroe, Flaunt Sales Associate Kasey Renfroe, Flaunt Sales Associate
Dillard's Store Manager Michelle Kynock Dillard's Store Manager Michelle Kynock

A lot of retailers are still busy tonight with the post-Christmas rush. The holiday season is winding down, but not before people rush out to make last minute purchases and exchanges. The stores are extra packed Thursday with people doing just that.    

The day after Christmas is a busy time for those who weren't quite happy with their gifts.

Many are on a mission to exchange, return or find more sales. Jean King says she didn't want to wait to long to make her exchange.  

"The next day, the next day, I tried it on. One size to small. I ate too much for Christmas," said Jean King, shopper.     

King says she had no problems making an exchange in Belk's. She also took advantages of sales items in the store. 

"I did find another bargain in there as I was returning this, so decided to purchase it as well," said King.       

Store exchanges and returns vary from store to store. Flaunt Boutique is one that is only able to offer exchanges.  

"Seven days with a tag still attached to the clothing and receipt. If you brought gifts for the month of December you have until the 28th to bring back and exchange, we don't do money back," said Kasey Renfroe, of Flaunt Boutique.    

In order to make a return or exchange in Dillard's, you'll need to come back within 30 days and have a yellow proof of purchase with your items.   

"If the customer has that we will return the item for them and give them their purchase based on how they paid. So if they paid cash, check, charge, we'll refund it back that way. If they come in within a couple weeks after Christmas without proof of purchase, we will still take the items as long as it has not been used or worn and offer them a store credit," said Michelle Kynock, Dillard's Store Manager.    

Allie Simpson got a gift she didn't like so much, but she changed her mind about returning her gift.  

"The bag that my granny had got me was a little ugly. And I felt bad about doing it so I just decided to keep it," said Simpson.

While some store did see exchanges,  Flaunt and Dillard's saw a lot more people coming in for sales.

Most stores say you need a receipt to make an exchange or return. Overall, stores in the mall say they were pleased with the holiday shopping season.   

The Albany mall will return to normal hours Friday. It will be open from 10 a.m to 9 p.m.

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