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Albany family says staying together is the best part of the holiday season

Zion McGee, 11 years-old Zion McGee, 11 years-old
Hannah Evans, 7-years-old Hannah Evans, 7-years-old
Shaniece Bush, 14-years-old Shaniece Bush, 14-years-old

The Evans family says Jesus is the reason for the season and while it's been a hard road for them, they say staying together as a family is what's gotten them through their rough times.

 The Evans family plays outside their home on Stuart Ave with the new bikes they received this morning. 11-year-old Zion McGee says he went to bed at 9 o'clock so he wouldn't be caught peeking at gifts underneath the tree.  

"Because I wanted to make sure that my mom didn't catch me up at night," said Zion McGee.

 His seven year old sister Hannah loves her new bike but says her favorite part of Christmas is giving.  

"Because it's not all about the gifts and presents and toys," said Hannah Evans.  

14-year-old Shaniece Bush says there weren't a lot of gifts she wanted this Christmas because she says family is all she needs.  

"I have all of my family here with me today, so that's the best thing for Christmas and celebrating Jesus Birthday," said Shaniece Bush.    

Those are the values that their mother Monique Evans says she instills in them each day.

 "When we're at home I teach my children that Jesus is first and to give thanks for everything whether it's great, whether it's small whatever it is to just give thanks for what they have," said Monique Evans.    

Evans says she lost everything in her home three years ago when electrical wiring burned it to the ground. She says her new home is a product of God's work.  

"It's been a hard road and thanks be to God we have our home back. All my children are healthy, so I give God glory for that," said Evans.    

The Evans family even has a morning ritual.

"What do ya'll say in the morning," said Monique Evans.  

"Thank you Lord for waking us up this morning," said the Evans family.    

The Evans family says putting God first, standing on faith, and staying together as a praying family is what keeps them together. They say they will spend the rest of the day reflecting on what God has done for them and that they look forward to what's in store for them in 2014. The Evans children said they were really looking forward to eating their mother's turkey, sweet potato pie, and red velvet cake for Christmas dinner.

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