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Public Safety officials work hard to keep you safe on Christmas

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When a fire happens, firefighters arrive on the scene ready to respond to your emergency. That's 24 hours a day, seven days a week, even during holidays.

Albany firefighters say so far, it's been pretty quiet on this Christmas day. Captain Billy Davis has worked at least ten Christmas holidays during his 20 years with the department. He admits it's hard to be away from family.

"I have a family at home that I love and miss just like most people do. I would much rather be at home with them today and I think most people feel that way. We also feel that's part of the deal when you sign up to be a fire fighter and just because its Christmas, doesn't mean emergency calls don't come in," says Captain Billy Davis.

While working during the holiday season can be tough, firefighters say they find their job gratifying and many feel they have a calling to help others.

Some people do have, whether you want to call it a calling, I do feel that way sometimes, it is gratifying to going to a home that is on fire to stopping the damage and maybe saving a life to the simple calls where we go and get a cat out of the tree," says Davis.

Davis says they will still get to enjoy a Christmas dinner today.

" A lot of us feel this is our second family and in a lot of ways it is," he says.

In the meantime he advises you to stay safe, and alert while doing holiday cooking.

"Never leave the kitchen. If you have to leave the kitchen and you have no other choice while cooking, what we recommend and this is a standard recommendation, take something with you to remind you your cooking," says Davis.

He says a spoon or a pot holder is a great reminder.