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Online Christmas shopping a big hit


It's the day before Christmas, and people are still out in full force, looking for those last minute items.

"My mom, my dad and my brother, I'm trying to tie up loose ends of things I didn't buy online. I'm still waiting for the UPS guy to come and deliver stuff."

Veda McNair says she's done more than half of her Christmas shopping online. Online shopping has gained popularity, in fact, this year's Cyber Monday sales were higher than ever, setting a record.

Retailers say online sales have dramatically increased in recent years.

"This year I found out there is a lot more online shopping, and I mean now we are down to the last two days of Christmas so they are all running into the stores today, but its definitely increased online."

While a lot of shopper say they enjoy the holiday atmosphere and finding good deals,  many prefer to avoid the crowd, and say they can the same deals online.

"I think online I get better deals because I get more coupons. Retailers tend to send me more coupons in my email and so everyday I'm getting lots of coupons to encourage me to shop online and a lot of times some stuff is in store only and I don't feel like coming out to the mall and getting the discount."

"Its not as hectic and you can just sit at home on your couch and order whatever you like," says Tara Smith.

Smith says she orders most things online, even when its not Christmas. Because she can find online what she shops for inside a store.

"Bath and Body works, I love their lotion, and PS3 for my kids, stuff for my car, just everything and anything I need, I can get it from there," she says.

The Albany mall will be closed Christmas day, and reopen on Thursday morning.

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