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Fitzgerald shooting victim speaks out

Krishna Patel, victim Krishna Patel, victim

A Fitzgerald teen is feeling lucky to be alive after being shot several times while working at his family's convenience store.

19-year-old Krishna Patel is enjoying his lunch in his room at Phoebe Dorminy Hospital in Fitzgerald. He says he's recovering quite well from the three gunshot wounds he suffered when a gunman opened fire while working at his family's convenient store on Benjamin H Hill Drive West around 7:30 Monday night.  

"I'm feeling a lot better the pain relievers are actually helping a lot," said Krishna Patel.    

This surveillance video shows a man walking into the 107 Express store approaching Patel as he sits behind the counter.  

"I was just sitting there, I looked up I saw someone come in so I went to get them and he just pulled his gun out and started shooting at me," said Patel.  

Patel is seen dropping behind the counter as the gunman reaches over shooting at him.  

"First thing I did was I ducked and I went below the counter and then he came over the counter and tried to shoot me again," said Patel.  

Patel was grazed in the back of the head when the gunman reached over the counter. He also suffered gunshot wounds to his right arm and finger on his left hand.  

"He didn't say anything I said take the money, but he didn't say anything then he just kept shooting and he just ran," said Patel.  

Patel says police told him the gunman fired at him five times. You can still see where the bullet hit this monitor and rack behind the counter in the store. Patel says he pressed this panic button for help and is seen on the phone in the video calling for help. He says he has no idea why the gunman would target him.  

"That's what I was thinking the entire time, why would someone do it, but I couldn't think of any reason," said Patel.  

The gunman is seen getting away in this white semi truck. A Fitzgerald police officer noticed the description of the vehicle around 8 Tuesday morning in front of a business on Jacksonville Hwy on 319. He notified Investigator Pete Skaggs with the Ben Hill County Sheriff's Office who then I.D.'d the suspect and arrested him. Patel says he is expected to be released from the hospital today. He says he will continue working at his family's store.  

The Ben Hill Sheriff's Office says they are not certain if this was an armed robbery attempt. They are not releasing the name of the suspect until he has been charged. The suspect currently remains in the Ben Hill County Jail.

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