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When it gets cold, the ARM is a welcome respite

Chris Wright stays at the rescue mission Chris Wright stays at the rescue mission
Kitchen Chef Roy Smith Kitchen Chef Roy Smith

Christmas is arriving, and it's getting cooler outside.  Although some people have a warm place to stay, others would be left out in the cold if it weren't for one Albany group making it their mission to lend a helping hand 365 days a year.

Albany Rescue mission never takes a day off. They hand out warm meals with a smile each and every day. Unlike many shelters people can stay with the rescue mission as long as they like until they feel comfortable moving forward.  

It's getting cooler outside, but most here at the Albany rescue mission won't even notice because they know the warmth the beacon of light brings to them daily.  

"It's just very good to stay at a place like this that offers spiritual guidance as well as residence, encouragement and assists you in any way possible to help one to get back on their feet" said Chris Wright, who stays at the rescue mission.    

The mission occupies an entire block of North Monroe and not only offers a warm place for people to lay their head but it also gives structure.

"They encouraged me to move out and try to live on my on and after a few weeks I needed the structured environment I found myself going back to difficult thought, my destructive lifestyle patterns," said Wright.   It's a mission that fills the stomachs of many but it also nourishes the soul.  

34 men and countless women and children feel the same way about the rescue mission that they've come to call home. The place where many of them will spend their Christmas.   The place where the man they call 'Chef' will make sure that they feel right at home when they walk through those doors.  

"I used to be here you know; now I just come back to give my service back. It's my way of saying thanks," said Kitchen Chef Roy Smith.  

They say that Christmas is special but giving to those who need it most isn't limited to holidays.  "Every single day 365 days out of the year," said Smith.  

These volunteers that were once in the recipients shoes know, that it's not just a holiday thing it's an everyday thing.   "Need does not take a holiday," Wright said.                

The rescue mission also has a thrift store that operates to help the community, and a women and children's shelter but for security reasons we are unable to reveal the address of that location The temperature is expected to drop the lowest we've seen so far this holiday season so remember to bundle up.


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