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Holiday travel expected to set record

Earlene Proctor is an 88 year old retired school teacher from Meigs Earlene Proctor is an 88 year old retired school teacher from Meigs

Travelers are packed and ready to hit the roads or the airports for Christmas. It's predicted nearly 95 million Americans will travel this week. On the roads and in the air people are anticipating their arrival to their final destinations for Christmas.

Earlene Proctor is an 88 year old retired school teacher from Meigs. She has a large family, but she doesn't get to see them often. "My only child lives in Nashville and all of his children and grandchildren live in that area, I'm excited because I go once a year," she said.

The grandmother says a lot of plans have been made around her highly anticipated arrival "the granddaughter that I'm staying with is getting married again January 4th while I'm there, " said Proctor.

Despite delays travelers aren't letting anything put a damper on their Christmas Spirit. Shanenike Anderson worked the overnight shift and came in to catch an early flight back to Arizona to be with her 5 year old son Jaidyn.

"I got off at almost 7am because I was working night shift and I got off and I hurried to the airport to make it here so I could go visit my son," she said.

Despite her hustle she arrived only to find that her flight was pushed back. "It makes me really anxious but it's the holiday season and the weather is kind of bad so it's okay as long as I get there."

WALB meteorologist Chris Zelman says weather won't be a problem for travelers: "The rain should end here locally by this evening some areas in Georgia especially Atlanta, are getting 4 or 5 inches of rain, so they are facing some flooding but it should cause any real issues on the roadways."

That's good news for this family hoping to make to Atlanta to visit loved ones. "We're worried a little but not too much, we're just going to keep the children strapped down for the day, feed them a little bit and have a safe trip," said Anthony Smith.

No matter the destination the goal remains the same to arrive safe and sound in time to share memorable moments with those they call family. There were some delays today but travelers didn't experience a long wait, however waits may be longer for those looking to travel up north due to weather.

AAA says 94.5 million Americans will travel between now and January 1st, if they are correct that number would be a record high for traveling.


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