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Georgia's unemployment down, partly due to Kohl's in Albany


Georgia's unemployment is at its lowest rate since September 2008, partly because stores like Kohl's here in Albany hired more workers.

"We have employed about 30 seasonal hires for the holiday season," said Audrey Trice, Store Administrator.

Workers here at Kohl's have seen the rush during this holiday season.

"Yes we have seen several people come in over the past couple of weeks, we open at 6 AM and you do have shoppers in at that time,” said Trice.

 To handle the holiday rush, the store hired extra workers for various areas.

 "It's basically in all areas of the store from operations to the sales floor to cashiering," said Trice.

  Ernistine Winchester is one of the seasonal employees who were recently hired, she says she's glad she's employed, and is part of that growing number of Georgians who have jobs, despite the still sluggish economy.

"It feels wonderful, every day I meet a lot of great people, and we expect a lot things from our customers," said Winchester.

Gary Smith stopped by Kohl's this afternoon to do a little Christmas shopping; he says he's impressed with the seasonal workers work ethic.

"Yes the ladies in the back wrapped my gifts, they are doing an excellent job, that's what's Christmas is all about," said Smith, Kohl’s shopper.

While Ernistine Winchester is glad to have a job, she understands there are still some Georgians who are unemployed.  Her message to them is don't give up hope.

"I do know a lot of people that are unemployed but hopefully hang in there and something will happen,” said Winchester.

Georgia's unemployment rate announced today is 7.7%, down four-tenths of a point from October and a full point from a year ago.


Georgia gained more than 91,000 jobs in a year.

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