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Gladstone man's home features 111 Christmas trees


A Gladstone pastor loves Christmas, and his home features 111 Christmas trees.

Jerry Powell said he's figured out how to display 111 trees into his home. And he thinks more can be squeezed in.

"Just tonight I was walking down the hallway and I saw a corner and thought, 'Hmm. A right-size tree probably could fit there!'"

Powell is a pastor at Living Word Community Church. He said he wants to help foster the true Christmas spirit.

"The trees are such a drawing point with people. In our culture and society today, even Christmas can be under attack and this is my comeback to say you know what, 'It does have an importance,'" he said.

He decorates each tree.

"They go from every shape and size. They go from over 9 feet tall to about a foot and a half," he said.

His personal favorite is the Nativity tree.

"There's nothing secular on this tree," he explained. "Every ornament on this tree deals with the birth of Jesus Christ."

If you want a tour, contact Powell at his church. Click here.

Once the holidays are over, it can take up to a month to get all the trees down.

"Every one has a tag, so next year I know what tree goes in what room," he said.

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