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Burglaries rise as Christmas approaches



Both Albany and Dougherty County Police are seeing a rash of home burglaries as Christmas approaches. Investigators say they are happening in all areas of the city and county.

Some Burglary victims say their Christmas presents were stolen, and they don't know how they will replace them. 

Raven Carter and Danielle McCray say the holidays brought a burglary nightmare to their West Whitney Avenue home.

Twice in the last week Carter and McCray say burglars broke their front window, and front and back doors, forcing their way into the home. The crooks took money, electronics, and Christmas presents for their family.

"A lot of the things that were here was for my nieces and nephews," said McCray. "So that's really killing my Dad because he bought stuff for the grandkids and now it's all gone."

Albany and Dougherty County Police both say they are seeing more home burglaries since the holidays began, and they think crooks are targeting Christmas gifts.

"Now it's Christmas season and everyone wants to show their Christmas tree," said Albany Police Department Corporal Brian Covington. "But we have presents all around the Christmas Tree."

Police believe burglars could be targeting homes with Christmas decorations and gifts they can see through windows. Most of these burglaries are happening during the day, when people are at work or out of town.

"So would be burglars are paying attention to that and noticing that no one is at home," said Covington. "And they are striking then while residents are away, out of town."

Carter and McCray think crooks are watching their home, so they have altered their schedules to guard it.

"We've tried to make precautions to make sure somebody is here 24 hours," said McCray.

"It really makes me feel uncomfortable around the holidays," added Carter. "It really hurts your heart. A lot of people are going through things like this."

They say now they are trying to come up with the money needed to secure their home, and buy new Christmas presents to replace the stolen ones.

Police urge you to lock all your doors and windows, and install an alarm system if you can. Also make sure your neighborhood watch is active.

Officials say if you see someone suspicious in your neighborhood, call 911 so police can check them out.


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