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Exclusive: Dawson mayor still fears for his life

Nearly two months after he was shot, the Mayor of Dawson is speaking out Nearly two months after he was shot, the Mayor of Dawson is speaking out

Nearly two months after he was shot, the Mayor of Dawson is speaking out. In an exclusive interview Mayor Christopher Wright says he still fears for his life.

Wright is back at work.... two months after being shot six times.   Halloween night, Wright was gunned down inside his home. The shooter hasn't been caught.   

"My recovery is going fine. I'm thankful to be sitting with you today," he said.     Whoever did this must have wanted Wright dead.   "I remember when I was shot the individual; he came back and shot me twice again. I imagine those 2 shots were to have been my kill shots."  

Shot in the abdomen, arms and legs, Wright says he called 911 himself, and was rushed to the hospital.   "I thought I might not make it but there was a part in me that had the desire to live and not die."  

Elected to office last year at the age of 23, Wright remains in hiding and says he believes his shooting was politically motivated.   "I don't feel in any way that it's negative on my part for feeling that way. I can't think of any other reason other than it being political."  

The GBI has taken over the case and even conducted road checks to gather leads but so far no arrests have been made.   Mayor Wright fears for his life now. 

"Oh I do. Most definitely. The assailant has not been caught. Those individuals who did this to myself and my family have not been caught so of course I am in fear."   Last week the Dawson City Council refused to vote on another measure to provide the mayor with round the clock protection. And Wright says only two council members have reached out to him since he was shot.

Police Chief Charlie Whitehead said a secret plan was in place, one Wright knows nothing about.   "I have no knowledge of any secret plan. Who should know about the secret plan? That would be me."  

Wright says his family members are providing protection. And while he's living in hiding, his work as mayor will be done in public. Work he says remains unfinished.  

"Be encouraged. Be encouraged. There is yet still hope for the city to make progress."   Hoping though his assailant is brought to justice and with that a return to normalcy.     

We reached out to Dawson Police for comment on the protection plan but haven't heard back. GBI agents told us today they are still gathering leads and ask for anyone with information to give them a call.


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