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Waiting for a ride; busted for growing pot

Det. Kenneth Washington Det. Kenneth Washington
(Worth Co. Sheriff) (Worth Co. Sheriff)

Detective Kenneth Washington of the Sylvester Police Department tells WALB that four large marijuana plants, two bags of pot, and a .22 pistol were confiscated from the home of Cory Greene last week, as he waited for a ride to work Saturday.

Police acted on a tip that Greene was growing marijuana in his mobile home, so detectives went there to check it out. Washington said in his report below, that he drove up to the house, and saw Greene sitting outside waiting on a ride to work. Greene was told that detectives had word that he was growing pot, but Greene told them "All he did was smoke pot, not grow it."

Washington asked if Greene had any pot on his person at that time, and Greene gave him a marijuana 'blunt' from his pocket. That's when Washington told him he was going to be arrested.

Here is the report from the Sylvester Police Department-

Investigator Kevin Griffith made this report:

On the above date around 0900 hours Sgt. Steve Dyes advised he was told by Sgt. Doug Brooks that he received a phone call on the previous night from an anonymous subject that advised Sgt. Brooks that Cory Greene was growing marijuana in his residence.

I advised Sgt Dyes that I was going to look into it. I then advised officer Giddes that we had served a search warrant on the subject before and located narcotics on the property. I then advised him that I was going to go the residence and talk to the subject to see if he would give consent to search his residence. As we drove up to the residence I saw Greene sitting outside under a carport and he approached me. I advised him that i was not accusing him of anything however we had received word that he was growing marijuana inside his residence.

He advised me that all he did was smoke marijuana and I then asked him if any marijuana had on him. He then pulled out a cigar blunt containing a green leafy substance from inside his jacket pocket and handed it to me. I then asked if there was anything in his house and he stated no. I then asked him if i could search his residence and he advised I would have to get a search warrant for that and I advised him that I did not have a search warrant and that it was his right to refuse a consensual search.

I did advised him that I was going to charge him with the marijuana he had on his person, however I was not going to get him fired from his job (he was waiting on his boss to come pick him up) so he needed to come to the police department when he got off of work. At this time Sgt Steve Dyes pulled up and advised me he smelled marijuana coming from the trailer. As I was leaving I rolled down my driver's side window and as I was backing out I also noticed the smell of marijuana coming from the residence.

I then met officer Giddes and Sgt. Dyes at the EZ Corner East and called magistrate judge Tony Strenth to advise him of the situation and he stated that I would be able to get a search warrant.

I then went back to the residence and advised Mr. Greene that we smelled marijuana coming from the trailer and that I was going to clear the residence (because that last time was served a warrant he had a roommate) and then he would wait outside while went and got the search warrant.

I then asked him to unlock the door so i could clear the Residence and he stated I had the warrant first. I then advised him that i did not have to have a warrant to clear his residence I just had to have one to search it. He then unlocked the door and we entered the Residence. I then began clearing the residence and in plain view on the bar in the living room i noticed marijuana Residence on the bar.

I then went to the bedroom that belonged to the offender and noticed in the corner a large box frame that was built into the wall that had lights and fans on it (this was also in plain view. I then went back into the living room and looked behind the bar to see if anyone was hiding behind it and i noticed a plant of Marijuana in the pot on the floor also in plain view. At this time the offender stated "Man all I got is a sack of weed in a jar.

I asked him to show it to me and as he began looking for it he stated "Man I'll show you what I got," and he then went to the bedroom and opened the curtain on the box that was built into the wall and revealed to me four large marijuana plants that were growing in pots. At this time the offender was placed under arrest and then he revealed to me two bags that behind the bar that contained cultivated marijuana.

I also located a .22 Cal pistol that was extremely old and unable to be fired behind the bar in plain view. All evidence was collected by me and taken to the police department where he was booked in on the above charges. The residence was secured before leaving. The offender was then transported to the worth county sheriff's office.


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