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Flu cases in South Georgia are down

The number of flu cases so far this season in South Georgia is down.  

"We've been having a mild flu season, especially in comparison to the flu season last year," said Jacqueline Jenkins, Epidemiologist.  

The best way to keep it that way is for more of us to do what Dorothy Carter did and get vaccinated.   "I have my flu shot, yes, I have it every year," said Dorothy Carter.  

"Yes we've had quite a good response to the flu shot this year" said Ed Dozier, pharmacist.   Ed Dozier is a pharmacist here at U Save It Pharmacy on Meredyth Drive. 

He's ready to protect you from the virus, even if you don't like needles.  

"It also comes as a nasal mist," said Dozier.  

If you do get the flu, you'll have to deal with some miserable symptoms.  

"With the flu, you usually have a fever, muscle aches, and back aches," said Jenkins.  

If you get sick, it's important to follow these steps.  

"If you're coughing and sneezing remember to cover your cough and to wash your hands, good hand hygiene is probably the best thing we can do to prevent others from catching our cough or cold," said Jenkins.  

Just Tuesday Phoebe Putney Hospital asked people to stay away from the hospital if they don't have to be there. 

Epidemiologist Jacqueline Jenkins says that's a great model for other health facilities, even businesses, to follow during peak flu season to prevent the spread of the illness.  

"What's really important for workplaces is that if someone is sick with flu like symptoms or really coughing they need to see their physician, but also it would be best to stay home," said Jenkins.  

So you can get better, without infecting others. If you would like to get a flu shot, you can get one by visiting any Rite Aid or Walgreens location in South Georgia.

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