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Facebook launches auto play ads

Navigating the new facebook video ads Navigating the new facebook video ads
Anthony Parker Facebook user Anthony Parker Facebook user

More advertisements are popping up on social media sites as businesses look for new ways to get word out to the masses. And facebook is testing a version of their own.

Companies have been jumping on the social media bandwagon to find new ways to advertise their services and products. On many sites pre roll ads play before getting to a specific story or music video without the option of choice.

Anthony Parker from Albany says "It can be a distraction, I think it's kind of irrelevant.

Facebookers have been using auto play technology to share videos with family and friends. And users will now start seeing auto play ads on their news feed page. Parker says "I think they should have a way of getting your permission first as far as signing a waiver."

Some analysts predict video ads could be a billion dollar opportunity. I asked people what their thoughts were on my WALB facebook page and most of you are saying it's an annoyance while others say it's a great way to get the word out to a large group of people especially for small or home based business owners.

 Facebook says although it will make your news feed busier it won't make it noisier. What you will see is an ad that automatically plays on your news feed. You won't hear it but you will see it. And it won't take you away from your page. If you want to hear it, click on it to watch and then others related to the same subject or company will continue to play. Some of the ads will taylor to your specific likes and what sites you and your friends visit.

One person told me he deleted his facebook page because he wanted his personal life to remain that way. And if sites start charging users or the ads become a nuisance some may decide to opt out.

Parker says "I speak for myself it may sway me to delete my account all together if they are going to try to make a dime off my use"

For more information on the ads and how they work go to facebook.com and look for business news on testing.


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