Viewpoint: Bullying

We hear the stories from around the nation about young teens who commit suicide because of bullying.

Tragically, it's hit home.

Thirteen year old Dustin Hammonds of Worth County died Monday, six days after shooting himself in the head.

His friends and family say bullying likely led to this death.

The tragedy is compounded by the scores of people, students and parents, who are just now coming forward with information that Dustin was being bullied.

If it's true, why did they wait until now to speak up?

We cannot allow ourselves to look the other way when we know someone, especially a child, is being bullied.

Tell someone.

If you are a student at school, and witness bullying, tell your teacher and your parents.

If you are an adult who is aware of bullying, take steps to stop it.

Bullying has reached a new level, partly because of social media, and we have a greater responsibility to protect our children.

It's too late to help Dustin Hammonds, but there will be others and your actions may mean the difference in life or death.

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