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APD patrolling Albany Mall's parking lot

Captain Angel Bradford Captain Angel Bradford

Albany Police are patrolling the Albany Mall's parking lots and streets surrounding the mall.

"Well for the holiday season we have officers here working off duty who are patrolling the areas," said Angel Bradford, Captain, Albany Police Department.  

They're helping keep shoppers such as Donna Ashby, and bell ringers like Leon Scott safe during the holidays.  

"I think it's a good thing we have extra protection, you never know, things are not like it use to be" said Donna Ashby, holiday shopper.  

"I feel a lot safer knowing that I have police roaming around the parking lot makes me feel safe" said Leon Scott, Bell Ringer, Salvation Army.  

During the holiday shopping season, Albany Police usually see an increase in crime at homes and in busy retail areas.  

"What we are seeing are cars being broken into and the majority of the time the cars are left unlock, the windows down," said Bradford.  

Captain Angel Bradford says the crooks go for all types of belongings.  

"Laptops, firearms, cash, pocket books, GPS systems, these are the things they are targeting and taking," said Bradford.  

Luckily so far this holiday shopping season, crimes haven't been as high other years.  

"The crime rate for this time of the year is actually slightly below where we were this time last year, and we are at a three year low," said Bradford.  

But don't let your guard down.  

"The most important thing to remember is to be aware of what's going on around you, if you take your purchases to your car, put them in your truck, when you leave your car to come into a shopping establishment lock your car door," said Bradford.  

Or else the Grinch may just try to ruin your Christmas.

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