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Keeping crooks away from holiday packages


When a holiday package shows up on your doorstep, a thief might not be far behind.

This time of year, Christmas cheer increases but so does crime, and those deliveries made to your home could be in danger.

"People that can't afford stuff they're going to steal, they're going to do whatever they have to do to get it," said Central Monitoring Employee.

If you don't require a signature, once the package is left by delivery workers, it could become a target for thieves.

Corey Lee says that he's had customers come in after falling victim.

"A lot of the time they will come after it's too late, if they would have already had a surveillance system we would have already saw who took their package and police love when you get it on camera,"said Lee.

Police agree there is nothing better than catching a grinch attempting to ruin Christmas in the act.

"The value of it is great so we can identify the person that has come on your property to come and vandalize and or break, and or steal something, in or around your home, that is evidence that we can use in the conviction of that person, so that's paramount," said Corporal Brian Covington.

Corporal Covington says thieves often watch to see when home owners are away before striking.

He suggests that folks turn to their neighbors to help make sure that their packages stay put.

"If you don't have a video surveillance, then you have a neighbor that saw something, saw someone, that saw a vehicle, that saw something go on now that's your next line of defense," said Covington.

Good advice to make sure crooks don't spoil your Christmas.

Albany Police say they haven't seen a rash of delivery thefts this holiday season.

They advise you to have packages delivered to your workplace or to require a signature so packages aren't left on your doorstep.

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