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Holiday drinking shouldn't mix with driving

Captain Tom Jackson of DCP Captain Tom Jackson of DCP

A happy holiday celebration can turn to tragedy in a split second. The sad truth is the number of fatal crashes this time of year goes up Because of the increased number of drunk drivers on the roads. Law enforcement wants to stop this from happening.

It only takes a moment to make a bad decision that will change your life forever. The annual holiday campaign of operation zero tolerance is underway in Georgia. Law enforcement will be setting up random road checks to try to save lives.

"As police officers we are not trying to prohibit you from having a good time but what we're to get you to do is plan ahead," Captain Tom Jackson of DCP.

He says many times it's the innocent who are killed in drunk driving related accidents. And it's preventable. And if you are hosting a party have a plan in place. "We just had a party out in the country that happened a week ago where someone left that party was intoxicated ran off the roadway hit a tree and killed the passenger," said Jackson.

A DUI can cost you your license, expensive lawyer fees, higher insurance rates and even your job. Or worse, claim the life of another.

"It could be devastating, I've lost people in the past to tragic accidents and it's a terrible thing," said Blake Seaver of Albany. Most residents we spoke to believe the roadblocks are worth it because some people still make the decision to drive.

"Some do seem to drive under the influence a lot so the road checks are going to make the roads a lot safer," said Curtis Hawkings.

Captain Jackson says buzz driving can be just as dangerous as driving over the legal limit. "You have to look at it as it becomes a liability on you take the car keys have phone numbers near for taxi cabs. If you're gonna drink don't drive if you're gonna drive don't drink."

Law enforcement also asks people to be patient drive slower and wear your seat belts as an air bag alone may not save your life.


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