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Health Department studies policies after impersonation

Dr. Jacqueline Grant Dr. Jacqueline Grant
Dr. Jacqueline Grant Dr. Jacqueline Grant
DCP Lt. Chad Kirkpatrick DCP Lt. Chad Kirkpatrick
Dougherty Co. Health Dept. Dougherty Co. Health Dept.

The Dougherty County Health Department is re-evaluating procedures to make sure patients are protected after a former secretary was accused of impersonating a nurse.

After we told you about yesterday's arrest of Robin Jones, another person came forward to say Jones treated them.

Health officials still aren't sure how many people Robin Jones may have treated. They hope others will come forward. Dougherty County health department workers are re-evaluating patients they say were treated by Robin Jones. But they're also taking another look at their procedures.

"We have put processes in place to protect our patients and further processes will be in place to make sure that nothing ever happens like this again," said Dr. Jacqueline Grant.

Jones was working as a secretary for the health department when police say she treated at least five patients between August and October, acting as a nurse, even prescribing medication.

"It could be deadly depending on what type of medications and what type of problems these people are having," said DCP Lt. Chad Kirkpatrick. Since news broke of her arrest on Monday- another patient has come forward. But health officials have no idea how many people Jones actually treated. "It's very difficult to know. We're hoping that it wasn't many. But at this point we don't know."

The health department is still urging folks to come forward if they were treated by Jones and stressing their information will remain confidential. "We are not going to be making any names public. That would not be in the best interest of anyone in this case. But it is a matter that is under police investigation," said Grant.

Jones is accused of one wrong diagnosis of genital warts. There's been no word of any legal action being taken against the Dougherty County Health Department, but officials there are concerned. "No one to our knowledge has actually been harmed. But of course it is an emotional issue. So we're not stating that it's not harmful to people to know they were misled by someone they trusted in a health facility," said Grant.

Now they're working on rebuilding that trust and getting the patients treated by Jones on the right track. The person who came forward today plans to be re-evaluated at the health department tomorrow. I've tried contacting Robin Jones for a comment but have been unsuccessful.

Jones is charged with three counts of forgery and one count of prescribing dangerous medications. She is free on $10,000 bond.


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