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Albany receiving international attention for its saggy pants ordinance

A crew from ANN network, a Japanese news network came to Albany and rode along with APD officer Jermaine Lewis while he was on the lookout for people violating the city's saggy pants ordinance.  

"I think it's a big deal, because they come out of all the cities and states in America and they choose Georgia, a small city in Albany," said Jermaine Lewis, Albany Police Department.  

Japanese lawmakers are currently considering a law that would ban sagging in their country.  The news story features interviews with people in New York City and here in Albany.  Some are against saggy pants.  Others don't see the big deal.  They even interviewed Mayor Dorothy Hubbard about why the city enforces a no sagging policy.  

"We doing all we can it's an ordinance, but we still pushing it like any other statute," said Lewis.  

Saggy pants citations are up 26.2% this year. So far, APD has issued 318 citations, compared to 252 by this time last year. 

"I see it a lot, every corner you turn you see some undergarments," said Lewis.  

For Braxton Breland sagging is just something he says is just part of his style.  

"Why I sag it's not a form of disrespect, it's a fashion trend, it's just my style," said Breland.

But some folks don't see it that way.  

"I think it's not appropriate in the public, it sends a negative message for people who wear sagging pants," said Vincent Andrews, opposed to sagging.  

Officer Lewis tells me that police try to get the word out to Albany's youth, encouraging them not to sag.  

"The division I work in we make contact with the kids in the streets and we give them a little knowledge," said Lewis.  

So they will never be issued a citation. The saggy pants ordinance was passed in Albany back in 2010. Several other South Georgia cities have saggy pants ordinances in effect as well.  If you want to see that story that aired in Japan you can do so by clicking on this link.

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