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Health worker impersonated nurse


DCP reports that a former worker for the Dougherty Co. Health Department is in trouble for impersonating a nurse, improperly obtaining samples, and diagnosing patients.

47-year-old Robin Jones faces multiple felony charges after she was accused of impersonating a nurse. Police say Jones, who was working as a secretary at the Dougherty County Health Department, was posing as nurse and treated patients and prescribed medication. 

DCP began their investigation on November 4th after health officials contacted them.  Jones has been terminated.

Jones told police she did this because the health department was understaffed and she was trying to help out. 

She is charged with three counts of forgery and one count of prescribing dangerous drugs. 

At this time officials aren't sure how many patients Jones treated.  The investigation is ongoing and additional charges are pending. 

Jones has been charged, but not arrested.  Police expect Jones to turn herself in today. 

She was booked into the jail eight years ago for contempt of court.


Here is the report from the Dougherty County Police Department, which has been edited by WALB to remove personal information and home addresses of the people mentioned in the report-

On Monday, November 4, 2013 at 1540 hours, I (Cpl. N. Ross) was contacted by the Director of Dougherty County Health Department;  Vamella Lovett in reference to a forgery.

Lovett advised that an ex-employee; Robin Jones was recently fired from Dougherty County Health Department, because she impersonated a nurse by getting urine samples and sending them to the lab, diagnosing patients that had not actually been seen by a STD (Sexual Transmitted Disease) nurse, and prescribing them medicine from the in-house pharmacy.

In order to fill the medications, she made copies of old medications that the STD nurse had wrote and traced over Nakia Bradley's signature.

Lovett also advised that Robin Jones took money for the services she provided and did not credit the patient accounts, which has totaled to $90.00 so far.

 It was also reported that Robin Jones had at least one patient pull down his pants; looked at his penis and diagnosed him with genital warts, which was also the wrong diagnosis.

I contacted Nakia Bradley, who advised that she knew at least three dates when Robin Jones forged her signature (August 3, 2013, September 6, 2013, and September 26, 2013).

Nakia Bradley also advised that she already filed a report with the Albany Police Department. I then spoke with Donna Cook who received the prescriptions.

Donna Cook also had a copy of all the prescriptions on file, but did not turn them over because of HIPAA.

Detective/Captain D. Ball was notified of this case for further investigation.


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