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Have a pest free holiday season

Heath Bass, Arrow Exterminators Regional Sales Manager Heath Bass, Arrow Exterminators Regional Sales Manager

Area Exterminators say during the holiday season it's common to find more rodents and insects inside your home.

The holiday season will be much more enjoyable if you don't find one of these pests inside your home.   Workers with Arrow Exterminators say it's common for rodents and insects to invade homes this time of year.    

"This time of year, it's cold outside they're trying to find little nesting areas stuff like rodents, mice, rats, spiders, roaches anywhere they can find a little place to call home," said Heath Bass.   

Heath Bass says pests are typically found in places like storage units.  

"You know they need to have that sealed up tight and put up into a container that can seal it off where rodents can't get to it," said Bass.    

He says using plastic containers like these can help reduce the chance of pests invading storage containers.  

"Properly sealed tight and then tape it around to keep anything out," said Bass.    

Bass also says pests can also be found in your garage, attic and in hidden cracks around your house. He says its best to call an exterminator to take care of the problem, rather than killing it yourself.    

"First we'll try to identify what problem they are having, whether if it's ants, roaches or even the rodents, then we're going to do what we call our investigative work. We're going to go around we're gone check, we're gone see for every little area that the insects or rodents can make access too," said Bass.  

He says it's also a good idea to have your home inspected a few times a year. Exterminators say another common place for pests to hide out is in Christmas trees and firewood.

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