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Mayor Wright will get extra protection, though not sanctioned by the city council

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Mayor Wright's attorney Mayor Wright's attorney
Catherine Johnson (Opposed to 24 hour protection for the mayor) Catherine Johnson (Opposed to 24 hour protection for the mayor)
Mayor Wright's grandmother Mayor Wright's grandmother

During Thursday night's Dawson City Council meeting, Mayor Christopher Wright's attorney asked the council to reconsider last month's vote not to offer Mayor Wright 24 hour security.

"We're simply asking for officers who are already on duty" said William J. Godfrey, Mayor Wright's attorney.  

After Wright's attorney spoken, the public had the chance to speak. 

"Is it necessary, the Mayor Chris Wright are using the power of Dawson unjustly," said Catherine Johnson, opposed to Mayor Wright having 24 hour security.  

The city council did not take a new vote, upsetting members of the Wright family. When Mayor Wright's grandmother was asked about Thursday night's decision she responded,  

"I think it's unfair, like a whole lot of other things been unfair," said Janie Wright, Mayor Wright's Grandmother.  

Although the city council did not approve a security plan for the mayor, police Chief Charlie Whitehead told WALB Thursday that his department will take measures to keep the mayor safe.  

'But now we have the chief of police for the city of Dawson going on record saying he is protecting the mayor and once that information gets out there hopefully that will serve as additional protection because the community is informed that the mayor now has protection" said Godfrey, Wright's attorney.  

Attorney William Godfrey says Wright remains in hiding for his safety, but he says the mayor is recovering and hopes to return to his duties soon.

Chief Whitehead told WALB his department will offer covert protection.  For security reasons, he said he couldn't tell WALB anymore information about what that entails. No one has been arrested for shooting Mayor Wright. We reached out to the GBI Thursday to get an update on the investigation, but our calls were not returned.

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