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Survey: Aggressive drivers increase during holidays


South Georgia police say you should watch out for more aggressive drivers as Christmas approaches.

A State Farm Insurance survey found that nearly a third of drivers admit they drive more aggressively during the holidays.

The survey is startling. Nearly half of the drivers surveyed admit they have driven aggressively driven in the last three months, and nearly one third admit it's likely they will drive aggressively again before Christmas.

State Farm's survey found that most drivers are affected by aggressive driving already, and that most drivers can expect to see aggressive driving to increase as Christmas gets closer. Nearly 2 out of 3 drivers said they have experienced an act of aggressive driving more than six times in the last three months.

"I think the stress, maybe, probably so," said State Farm Insurance agent Tim Thomas. "It's just the last minute shoppers getting out on the roads and just people trying to get ready to go out of town."

And as more South Georgians come to Albany to do their Christmas shopping, law enforcement says you can expect more cases of aggressive driving.

"The problem being where there is more traffic there, the more you clog the roadways up," said Dougherty County Police Captain Thomas Jackson. "The more frustrated your are going to get. So it leads to the aggressive driving in a sense."

Surveyed drivers said the Situations most likely to make them drive aggressively were traffic jams, running late, and road closures or construction.  Experts say drivers should realize these problems happen, and keep their cool.

"Keep in mind that there are other people on the road," said Thomas. "I would say just go with the forgiveness attitude. If you see somebody that's pulled out in front of you, don't get upset about it."

Police warn that aggressive driving can lead to more crashes, especially on busy roads.

The survey says aggressive driving can include speeding, going too fast for conditions, improper lane changes, passing, and tailgating.

Survey officials say men, younger drivers, and parents are more likely to engage in aggressive driving. Experts say you need allow plenty of time to get where you are going and control your emotions.

State Farm encourages drivers to be nicer during the holidays.

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