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Health officials urge everyone to get a flu shot


Public health officials are urging you to get a flu shot after the first two deaths from the illness in Georgia so far this season.

South Georgia Health officials say the number of flu cases so far is not unusually high, but the peak season isn't here yet. Many people will be around groups during holiday get-togethers, and those environments can spread the flu.

Health officials say getting vaccinated is the best way to prevent the flu... and it's especially important for people with special health concerns.

"Pregnant women, people who have chronic health conditions, those people are certainly more susceptible for the complications that are associated with flu," said District Deputy Health Director Brenda Greene. "And we do know there are deaths associated with flu every year."

State health officials say both victims were adults.  

Peak flu season typically stretches from the end of January through early March, so officials say now is the time to protect yourself with a vaccine.

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