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Email from friends may be from crooks

Dr. David Jones Dr. David Jones
Timothy Conlon of the Computer Nerd Timothy Conlon of the Computer Nerd

Is your email inbox filled with spam? The annoying problem may get worse this time of year as we do more online shopping.

You'd better watch out for dangerous Spam emails and texts that can look legitimate, because SPAM is getting increasingly sophisticated and harder to decipher.

"I get spam purporting to be from IBM, Xerox, AMEX, UPS," said Dr. David Jones, Jr. "It's very believable; they will say you have a pkg you need to check or a voicemail that's waiting on you, there's an invoice that's going to be overdue if you don't check and verify something."

Jones says he gets at least a half dozen SPAM messages a day. "They say 'we are concerned about the security of your account, enter your password and other information and we can verify it's safe.'"

You may be asked to enter a security answer to a question, anything from your pet's name to your first school. The Computer Nerd in Albany says Phishing is rampant right now. This can be confusing to sort out especially for the elderly living alone.

  "If it's got the facebook logo, you might feel it's safe enter info, only to find out it wasn't facebook," said Timothy Conlon of the Computer Nerd.

The goal is to breach your bank accounts and credit cards. but they just need to know there is a real person behind that address and will sell the information as a packet of active verified email accounts. 

"Don't click on any link you don't absolutely know who it is. Pick up the phone and call the number on your credit card, or call your bank on your own, without going through a computer link," Dr. Jones suggests.

The Computer Nerd store says there is currently a virus going around acting like an anti virus. They suggest using AVAST, Norton or Mcafee.


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