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Robbers shoot at victim, one man arrested


 A South Albany man dodged bullets when two masked gunmen shot at him outside his home. He said armed robbers surprised him as he returned home, and then opened fire when he ran.

Several homes and cars were hit by the bullets, and he's thankful no one was hurt. 46 year old Reginald Jones was laughing about it today, but Tuesday night, Jones said he was dodging bullets, as two masked armed robbers shot at him.

"I went that away. I went that away. I was just running," he laughs. " You know, I was just running." Jones said he thought it was his lucky day. He had won $80 in a lottery scratch off, and was returning home from Christmas shopping when the two men rushed up to his car when he parked in front of his home on McArthur Street. "When I looked at them, before I could say anything, they drawed two guns on me, and said give me everything in your pockets," Jones said.

One of the robbers hit Jones on the back of his head. "I guess I moved too slow. They said give me everything out of your other pocket. When they said that I dropped my wallet, and when I dropped the wallet down there, I just broke out, took to running."

Jones said that's when both robbers starting shooting. He doesn't know exactly how many bullets, but he thinks they unloaded both guns. Several car windows and homes across the street were hit by bullets.

"They got little kids in that house over there, too. And the way they shooting right there, that ain't right to be shooting bullets. Stray bullets flying everywhere," Jones said. Jones said he has lived in this home for more than 35 years, and it's the first time he has ever had any crime problems. But tonight he says people need to take caution, even right in front of their own homes. Jones said police arrived quickly and chased down one of the robbers in just minutes.

21 year old Michael Niort was charged with armed robbery. Police are still looking for the other robber, who is described as a black man with slim build, armed with a silver hand gun. Niort was charged with armed robbery, aggravated assault, and possession of a firearm during commission of a crime.

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