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Family finds local student's class ring lost five years ago

Kyle's class ring Kyle's class ring
Janet Haughton Janet Haughton
Lisa Griffin Lisa Griffin
Kyle Griffin Kyle Griffin

A Quitman resident now has his high school class ring back after losing it five years ago.

Kyle Griffin lost the ring while on vacation at Fernandina Beach in Florida in 2008 and thought he'd never see it again.

But that all changed after Tifton couple Ken and Janet Haughton took a trip to the very same beach last week. They were using metal detectors to look for items buried in the sand.

"About six inches down, we picked up a 'ping'," said Janet. "We looked about six inches down, dug up and there we found it.

Janet said even though the ring was pretty heavily encrusted with sand and debris, she knew right away what it was.

"You could see the stone, a little bit of the stone. So, you could tell right away that it was a ring. And of course the bottom part had not had any crustations on it, so I knew right away it was a ring.

When she and her husband cleaned the ring up, she noticed the ring was from Brooks County High School. The name enscribed on the ring was 'Kyle G.', so she and her husband spent several hours sending messages to their friends on Facebook in hopes of tracking down the ring's owner.  

The search was successful and last Saturday, Ken and Janet met Kyle and his family and returned the ring.

"He was just beside himself. He was thrilled," said Kyle's mother Lisa.

"I had pretty much forgot about the ring...this was a total surprise," Lisa added.

Kyle said he wasn't too concerned about losing his ring back, but he's happy to have it back.

"I was happy," said Kyle. "It was good."

He said he didn't know that he was getting his ring back until Janet pulled the ring out of her pocket and handed it to him, making getting the ring back that much more exciting.

"I didn't tell him, I kept it a secret," said Kyle's mother. "I found out on Wednesday and we picked the ring up on Saturday." 

The Haughtons' say they never thought about keeping the ring for themselves, but they will definitely think about going back to the beach and looking for more items that may be buried in the sand.

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