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Suspect arrested in 2009 cold case


Madison County Sheriff's investigators made an arrest in a 2009 murder after evidence came back from the state crime lab. Mario Robinson is charged with the murder of Eric Hawkins.

Investigators said Hawkins was fatally shot when Robinson robbed him at a house off 100 block Coggins Road, near Ardmore. The Madison County Sheriff's Department said the suspect and the victim did know of each other and they believe Robinson targeted Hawkins.

Jacob Shirley lives across the street from where the murder happened.  He said the crime scared everyone who lived on the street.

"It was weird because in 17 years I've been here there's only ever been once incident of violent crime in this who little microcosm here," he said.  

According to investigators, Robinson was taken into custody in November and bonded out of the Metro Jail. 

In 2009, Investigators said Hawkins and his girlfriend pulled into the garage when two armed men forced their way into the main part of the house, tied up the victims and held them hostage. The suspects demanded money.

Hawkins and his girlfriend cooperated. Then, Hawkins broke free from his restraints and fought the two men and one of them shot and killed Hawkins. It's unclear what role Robinson played in the robbery and murder.

"I don't know if he knew it was coming, but I think [with] the issues he's had in the past with law enforcement, he was not surprised and came down as we asked him to do," said Sergeant Brian Chaffin.

We've learned that prior to Robinson's arrest, he was a volunteer basketball coach at Blue Water Springs Park in Toney.  Officials there tell WAFF he'd been a coach there for about a month.  They said they did not know about Robinson's case.  They went on to say great coaches are hard to come by at the center and they had no reason to question Robinson. 

Investigators said they will not release what the evidence was that cracked the case. They aren't ruling out future arrests.

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