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Albany enjoys spring weather in December


The difference couldn't be more startling. As we enjoy spring like weather, nearly 20 states are experiencing a frigid blast with snow or ice.

" It's not raining and its beautiful out here today," says Albany resident Leah Mathis.

Sunshine and temperatures in the 80s in December have a lot of people confused.

"I just don't know what to say about this weather on day its cold and then the next day its hot. I mean you really don't know what to wear," says Albany resident Brenda Carter.

At Lake Loretta, people enjoyed running and feeding the ducks.

"We love to come feed the ducks and the geese its really nice,"says Mathis.

Many say they prefer the warm weather over the ice and snow the rest of the country is seeing.

"Its lovely and beautiful weather and this type of weather  down here in South Georgia is always like this, we might have one day of cold but then the rest of the year might be nice and warm," says resident Willie Coe.

Many say they're relieved after the cold Thanksgiving weather we had just a week ago.

"My Children were very upset because while they were out of school it was cold and raining," says Mathis.

On the other hand, some people say they prefer the cold. Michael Thompson, who's visiting family from Atlanta, says this weather is unusual.

"Personally I like it colder so that's part of the reason why I live in Atlanta rather than here because of the more seasonal changes that you have," says Michael Thompson.

But on the upside, he says its a good time to take some photos.

"Trying to get some good pictures of the ducks. Well see what happens," says Thompson.

Whatever happens, it won't include any snow or ice in south Georgia.

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