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GA Power crews depart for Arkansas

Albany area area trucks are staging for the trip Friday morning Albany area area trucks are staging for the trip Friday morning
Jay Smith, Area Manager for Georgia Power Jay Smith, Area Manager for Georgia Power

At least a dozen Georgia Power personnel and their trucks are leaving South Georgia enroute to Arkansas, where trees have been falling as that state and others are hit by an icy winter storm. 

"We are planning to send trucks and crews and support over to Arkansas to help them," said Jay Smith, Area Manager, Georgia Power.

Entergy Corporation of Arkansas is preparing to deal with widespread power outages.

"Ramping up right now at our service centers, making sure we have materials on hand," said David Burnet, Entergy Corporation.  

But they won't be able to handle the job on their own. First thing Friday morning, Georgia Power trucks will hit the road to lend a helping hand.  

Much of the country will be hit by the storm that's expected to cause significant damage.

"There is a band from Texas all the way to Kentucky where they are predicting a quarter inch of ice with areas that could go up to three quarters of an inch," said Smith.  

This isn't the first time Georgia Power has helped other states hit hard by storms.  

"Georgia Power was out in New Orleans with Katrina, we would routinely go and help the gulf states, Mississippi, and Alabama are sister companies, so they are part of us," said Smith.

Jay Smith says the reason Georgia Power is stepping in, is very simple, Georgia Power would like power companies from other states to step in if Georgia ever experienced a natural disaster.  

"Fortunately in this situation we are in a position where we can help somebody else, but if the storm were in Georgia we might be asking the group Entergy that we are going to help, to come help us," said Smith.


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