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7 suspects caught in major burglary ring in Fitzgerald

One of the suspects caught One of the suspects caught
Detective James Tilley, Fitzgerald Police Department Detective James Tilley, Fitzgerald Police Department
Items recovered during the investigation. Items recovered during the investigation.

Fitzgerald police bust a major burglary ring they say was run by teenagers.

The oldest suspect is just 17 years old. Police say the kids stole thousands of dollars in items over several months.

After a long investigation, Fitzgerald Police are making progress on burglaries that go back to the summer.

They say thieves targeted homes and cars all over the city during the past two months.

"I actually tracked down some of the property that was stolen itself originally that was taken to this middle man that was passed alone to someone who brought if off the streets and we actually arrested those who has been buying it," said Det. Sgt. James Tilley.

Investigators arrested 17 year old Michael Hodge and six juveniles, including a 13 year-old.

"This investigation has shown that the same ones in some capacity have been involved together. And the same person who help facilitate the sale of that is the same contact person. They use the same people to keep this system going," said Sgt. James Tilley.

Sgt. Tilley says some of the suspects were also connected to more car break-ins that happened in August.

"I knew there were others I just couldn't identify the persons at the time, but continuing the investigation we now know who else was involved," said Sgt. James Tilley.

So far more than $7,000 in items have been recovered. Sgt. Tilly says the investigation leads them to believe there is more to recover.

"Guns, tablets, cell phones, Xbox games system. Nintendo Wii's, things like that. Any item that they can get there hands on that could be of value to someone else," said Sgt. Tilley.

Tilley says the intruders knew some of the people whose cars and houses they were breaking into. Most of the suspects are charged with multiple crimes from the past.

Fitzgerald Police say they haven't had any break in's since the first arrest. More people are expected to be caught and charged.

The arrests help clear more than 10 burglaries and at least 25 car break-ins.

Twice in November, they broke into some cars at Fitzgerald High School.

Fitzgerald Police wants other counties to be aware. They say some of the items were taken to Wilcox, Tift and Lowndes counties and even as far as Jacksonville, Florida.

No one was injured in any of the burglaries or break-in's.

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