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Albany organizations host job fair for veterans

James Troutman, Veteran/Job Applicant James Troutman, Veteran/Job Applicant
Brittney Copeland, Community Resource Manger Brittney Copeland, Community Resource Manger
Morris Hicks, Recreations Supervisor Morris Hicks, Recreations Supervisor
Applicants veteran's job fair on Thursday at the Goodwill Career Center Applicants veteran's job fair on Thursday at the Goodwill Career Center

A non-profit organization partnered with the Albany Parks and Recreations Department to say thanks to the men and women who've served our nation. 

A special job fair with a range of employment opportunities was held at the Goodwill Career Center for veterans, which organizers say helps them transition back to civilian life.  The veterans filling in applications at the Goodwill Career Center are looking for a new beginning. 

"I'm an H-vac tech, and during off season it's kind of rough," said James Troutman, Veteran/Job Applicant. 

Troutman served in the U.S. Army for more than 13 years, and said he's been steadily looking for a job since last summer.  He's among a handful of other applicants applying for a variety of positions Thursday.

"We're really just trying to help our veterans transition back to that civilian life from that military life and help them find employment," said Brittney Copeland, Community Resource Manger. 

It's a transition some veterans say is an ongoing struggle.

"What I would hope to see is, and I don't even know if I were to put it like this, but more of a fair treatment," Troutman said.  He said getting equal pay is a challenge for some, as is working a typical 9-to-5 job after military life. 

But connecting veterans with employers through a special job fair can help bridge the gap.

"It's a way to honor them.  After all, they go...they go to help us out.  They volunteer to fight for our country.  There's a lot of people that won't go, but they step up to the plate and go," said Morris Hicks, Recreations Supervisor. 

The Albany Parks and Recreations Department partnered with Goodwill and a host of employers like the Georgia Department of Corrections and even Papa Johns to give those of the armed forces a leg up. 

"I go to a number of job fairs around Dougherty County, but I have not seen a job fair strictly for veterans.  So I thought that would be something very interesting for me to do," said Copeland.. 

She said those just coming out of the service struggle the most.  But veterans who are now used to civilian life have a little advice.

"Do your best, and know what you're capable of," said Troutman.

So, a little tenacity and optimism could lead to the beginning of a new year.

The veterans only job fair lasted until one 1pm.  Organizers say they may host another fair early next year, but they say they're always available to help those searching for employment.  The Career Center is open Mon-Thurs 9am-6pm, and Fri. 9am-3pm.  You can reach them at (229)317-0970, ext. 209, or check out Goodwill Job openings at

The Georgia Department of Corrections is looking to fill 6 positions.  You can find out more information at or by calling Lt. Laverne Richardson at (229)759-3056.


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