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Preparing for the worst aboard MCLB

MCLB Emergency Manager Michael Harris MCLB Emergency Manager Michael Harris

In the wake of mass shooting at U. S. military bases, MCLB Albany is taking more steps to ensure the base is ready in the event of an active shooter.

The hallways at logistics command are empty. An active shooter announcement sent workers behind closed office doors.  

"At the Marine Corps we like to think of things as crawl, walk, run. This is our crawl," said MCLB Emergency Manager Michael Harris.  

Harris is testing the systems that would be used were there an active shooter on base. The big test will come next month during a full scale drill.

"In January we'll have police respond to an active shooter in one of the buildings," he said.

It's preparing for the worst. But with recent events such as the Naval Yard shooting in Washington, D. C. And the Fort Hood massacre, military installations nationwide must remain on alert.  

"We're looking at the goods and the bads from what happened at both installations and we're taking those and working out what we need to do here."  

"Active shooter exercise is complete. All clear," is heard on the P. A. system.  

"I would give us a B right now. We're still short on a few things, but we're getting there," Harris said.  

It's a small test but one that could ultimately save lives.     

A second drill was held this afternoon focusing on a shooter in one specific building. A third drill will take place tonight.


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