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Valdosta Police: Watch out for phone scams

Lt. Aaron Kirk Lt. Aaron Kirk
Valdosta Police car Valdosta Police car

Valdosta police are reminding residents to always be on the look out for phone scams.

Lt. Aaron Kirk with the Valdosta Police Department said the usual rules still apply when talking to someone on the telephone.

Don't ever give out personal information such as bank account numbers or social security numbers. But Kirk also says to be wary of callers who are aggressive.

"A lot of times, [scammers] become aggressive, you know? If you act like you don't want to give them anything they start getting impatient with you and try to pressure you into it," Kirk said.

Kirk also pointed out that phone scams can happen on both land lines and cell phones and there's no way to prevent a scammer from calling you.

If you do feel that you are talking to a potential scammer, try to obtain as much information from them as possible.

"Ask them information about who they are or where they're at," said Kirk. "What's their phone number, how do I get back in touch with them."

To report a phone scam, call the Valdosta Police Department at 229-242-2606.

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