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Police: Cordele businesses need to remain on alert


Cordele police say businesses should be on high alert for anyone who comes into their store looking suspicious, especially if they are wearing masks and armed with weapons.

Sgt. Jeremy Taylor with Cordele Police says in three recent armed robberies, the panic button was not used. He says workers should never try to fight back, but give the suspects what they want and always be a good witness. More officers are working extra shifts to stop this from happening again.

The three robberies in four days all happened in the southwest section of Cordele.

Cordele Police say they're working to keep people safe over the holidays. So far, they haven't arrested anyone for the robberies.

Business owners are listening to police. Workers at one brand new business have already made changes to keep from becoming a target.

Recent armed robberies in Cordele have a lot of people on high alert. Cordele police worked three robberies in four days. Gunshots were fired in two of those robberies. Workers at one new business in town say they are on the lookout for any suspicious activity.

"We're cautious of what's going on. Make sure employees straight, we straight. We got a lot of customers that come through," said Eddie Jones, L&B wings.

Eddie Jones works at L&B wings, right next to the G&N that was robbed last week. L&B wings has only been open for 2 weeks and they've already changed the way they do business.

"We closing early and we're protective over everything. We watch everything that come through," said Eddie Jones, L&B wings.

Cordele Police say they want businesses to be watchful of who comes in and out their stores. Sgt. Taylor says store workers and clerks should resist fighting back the way one worker did when he grabbed a machete and chased robbers.

"I know no one wants to lose their money or merchandise but you definitely don't want lose you life. So do what they say, calmly as possible, quickly as possible," said Sgt. Taylor.

Investigators developed timeline of recent burglaries and robberies to figure out if they are connected in some way.

"There's very little similarities that we have seen in each group. Its way yo early to say whether this is an organized group or not," said Sgt. Taylor.

So far, L&B wings hasn't had any problems. Jones thinks he knows what's causing the spike in robberies.

"It's real crazy, it's getting crazier and crazier. Really ain't no job around here so that's why everything going on around here. The economy is messed up right now," said Eddie Jones, L&B wings.

Cordele Police say they have doubled patrols in the area where the robberies took place.

Investigators have identified 11 possible suspects in the crimes and continue to follow leads.

All of the robbers covered their faces, so it's difficult to identify them.  If you have any information that could help investigators, call Cordele Police.

"We're also bringing in officers on their days off to double the amount of units on the streets each day. And these are during the peak times we developed during these timeline meetings we've had. We're adjusting people work schedules to where we're going to bring them in the likely times events like this would happen," said Sgt. Taylor.

The department says businesses can call the police department if they want officers to escort workers as they open or close their businesses. Other tips they want businesses to use is to don't carry large amounts of cash in the register and be a good witness.

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