Viewpoint: Film Tax Breaks

Georgia's tax code has too many special interest tax breaks that benefit too few people.  But it's hard to argue with the success of one big tax incentive.

In 2008, the General Assembly passed a law giving a tax break up to 30-percent to qualified film and television productions shot in the state.  Since then, Georgia has become one of the most popular filming locations outside of Hollywood.

Last fiscal year, productions filmed here spent 934 million dollars and generated a 3.3 billion dollar economic impact.  More than 70 film-related companies are locating or expanding in Georgia, creating hundreds of jobs.

State leaders have done an outstanding job promoting all regions of the state to film producers.  And a new website,, aims to capitalize on the success of movies such as "the Hunger Games: Catching Fire" and television shows such as "the Walking Dead" by encouraging fans to visit filming locations.

Georgia got this one right.  The breaks for the movie industry are more than worth the lost tax revenue, and we hope the industry will continue to grow and put our state in the spotlight.