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Property stolen from cars recovered


South Georgia Law enforcers say crime is increasing with the holidays. A Lee County man and three teenagers are accused of stealing from cars in driveways while the victims slept. The Lee County Sheriff is urging you to lock your car doors every time you get out of your car because crooks are getting busy now that it's Christmas time.      


Stolen property was recovered in an SUV Monday morning, all taken from an entering auto crime spree early Monday on Glen Arvin, Pebble Ridge, and Danbury Lanes in Callaway Lakes neighborhood. 

Now Investigators are trying to find the owners of all of it. Lee County Sheriff Reggie Rachals said, "They were driving around and looking at the different neighbors and deciding who they were going to enter their vehicles."

26 year old Willie Ware and three 16 year old boys were arrested about 2:35 Monday morning on Silver Leaf Road, and charged with five counts of entering autos.  A man living in the 200 block of Pebble Ridge called 911 when he saw two men in his neighbors car, and gave a good description of the 2005 Chevrolet Tahoe. 

A deputy heading that way spotted the SUV and stopped it, finding the stolen items.  But all those empty holsters had guns in them, and now they have sold on the streets, and could be used in crimes.

"That's where the real issue comes in hand.  Who the gun don't belong to, and they use it the wrong way.  Robbing folks, or stores, or just holding someone up in the parking lot," Rachals said.

Sheriff Rachals said during the holidays traditionally crime increases, and it's important for people to take steps to protect themselves and their property, especially locking their car doors and keeping valuables out of sight in cars. Rachals said "They are less likely to break into a vehicle or enter a vehicle when it's locked.

Because they don't want the noise or the attraction from breaking windows or whatever. With the dogs barking or whatever." 

Investigators would like the owners to claim the stolen knives, holsters, and electronics they have. And Sheriff Rachals warns that crooks are getting busy for the holidays already, and urges South Georgians to keep their car doors locked every time you park.       

Willie Ware is charged with possession of a firearm by a convicted felon, 5 counts of entering autos, and 3 counts of contributing to the delinquency of a minor.  He is being held in the Lee County jail. 

The three 16 year olds were charged with entering autos, and turned over to their parents.      If you recognize any stolen property, call Lee County Sheriff's Investigators at 759-6012.


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