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South GA does 'Cyber Monday'

Teresa Barbre, President's Assistant Teresa Barbre, President's Assistant

With Black Friday behind us, many of you are now surfing the web for holiday deals. Cyber Monday is one of the biggest shopping days of the year. Employees at Sunnyland Farms started prepping for holiday orders last summer. Now they're hard at work getting shipments out the door.      

The pecans bouncing down the production line after spending the season growing in the fields are making their way to their next home.  

"It's an absolute mad house.  It's organized chaos,"  Teresa Barbre, President's Assistant.    Like many other companies, Sunnyland Farms is doing the majority of their business this time of year.  Most of the orders come from online sales.  

"The volume is just a staggering increase this week and next week-- the amount of orders we'll receive.  And so the challenge is to be able to fill all of the orders quickly," said Barbre.      

It's something they've been prepping for since July.   "This year is especially busy because Thanksgiving was so late.  So we're squeezing four weeks of shipping into three weeks, actually," said Barbre.  

Many shoppers peruse the web today for the latest in fashion or technology.  Others like to stick with their gut.  

"Especially in this economy, a food product is a smart gift, you know... really, truly.  When you stop and think about it... give dad a tie or give dad a nice box of toasted pecan halves that he'll enjoy through the New Year and all." 

It's just the kind of thinking that keeps workers busy packing fruit medleys or spreading holiday chocolate for some of the best selling items.   

"We have a lot of folks who've worked here a lot of years.  And they know they're working 7 days a week.  They're working 12 hours a day, sometimes 14 hours a day, because we have this narrow window to get the job done."   

By the end of this busy shopping weekend, workers will have shipped between 30,000 to 45,000 pounds of pecans for a little holiday cheer.       

Some financial forecasts predicted a record breaking $2 Billion in retail sales this Cyber Monday.  That would be an increase of about $530 Million over last year.      

Sunnyland is celebrating its 65th anniversary.      They're expecting a stronger season than last year.



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