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Four south Georgia cities chosen to be part of Main Street Program


When you drive through downtown Albany, you can't help but notice the many vacant buildings.  

"I think one thing we are hurting for is vision, we're not real sure exactly what to do with downtown," said BJ Fletcher, Incoming City Commissioner.  

Incoming city commissioner BJ Fletcher hopes the Georgia Main Street program designation will help change that and bring new life to downtown Albany.  

"That's one of the things the Main Street Program helps, it guides you and helps with the property owners, it helps to get stake holders down there and it increases your property and it seems to bring excitement to an area that's well needed," said Fletcher.  

Fletcher says downtown needs more entertainment options for residents and visitors.

"Entertainment, I think the one thing that brings everybody together from age to 9 to 80 is entertainment music and we need to have a variety of it," said Fletcher.  

Jonathan Wills is Manager here at the Levee studios; he trains his students daily so they can show off some of their creativity to the Albany community, ultimately helping bring more entertainment options to downtown Albany.  

"Music lessons from piano, drums, guitar, saxophone, vocal lessons, bass lessons," said Jonathan Willis, Manager, Levee Studios.  

Wills tells WALB he is appreciative of what Albany leaders are doing.    

"You know they got a lot of great things in place like grants, and things downtown, trying to push people to come down this way to start their businesses up, I say more of that, keep going I hope for the best down here," said Willis.

BJ Fletcher told WALB it will probably be after the New Year before they get to work as a Main Street community.

Main Street focuses on four areas, organization, design, promotion, and economic development.

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