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One Old Navy shopper will win a huge cash prize


Workers at the Old Navy here at the Albany Mall are ready for the big rush next week.  

"We really ready for it, we've got some great products coming in for us right now," said Dawn Hightower, General Manager, Old Navy. 

Shoppers are ready to take advantage of the hottest deals on black Friday.  

"I'm going to be taking advantage of the good deals, cars, jewelry, clothes, everything," said Lindsey Seller, Old Navy shopper.  

Right now there are a handful of workers in the store, but come next week and leading on up to Christmas, most stores will have extra workers to handle the extra traffic.  

"We do, we hire an additional, probably about 25-30 just for the holiday season," said Hightower.  

One Old Navy shopper somewhere in the country will win a huge cash prize.  

"Old Navy is giving away one million dollars to a lucky person in line on that black Friday," said Hightower. 

Joshua Ewing's shops at Old Navy frequently, when he heard about the holiday gift Old Navy was giving to one lucky winner, he couldn't believe it.  

"Man a million dollars, I don't know what I will do with a million dollars, I got a big heart so I would probably give it to charity," said Joshua Ewing's, Old Navy shopper.  

Now if you want to be that lucky winner, you must be one of the first 500 in line at any Old Navy location.  

The store here at the Mall will open at 8 PM Thursday night. The big department stores and several other retailers at the Albany Mall will also open at 8 PM on Thanksgiving night.

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