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Officials: We're still taking CrimeSTOPPERS tips


The WALB CrimeSTOPPERS street sweep did not end at 6:30 Thursday night, at the end of our special newscast.  Deputies from Dougherty County Sheriff's Office were back on the hunt Friday.

Early Friday morning a Dougherty County Sheriff's Warrant team was checking a home on Westcliff Street.  Information called in Thursday night during CrimeSTOPPERS Street Sweep noted that No. 18 on the most wanted list, Christopher Barlow, could be at the home. People who are concerned by crime in the community are still calling with tips.

"It is still ongoing," said Dougherty County Sheriff's Office Lt. Shirley Adams. "We're still responding to the calls that are coming in."

Deputies banged on the door and the windows, but no one came out on Westcliff. Albany Police and Lee County Sheriff's Office deputies also followed up Friday on tips called in Thursday to our Street Sweep hotline and then CrimeSTOPPERS during and after the special newscast.

Deputies also found an open door and searched a mobile home on Worthy Street. A tip said that No. 23 of the most wanted, Guy Dollar, could be associated with that home. Deputies searched it, but he was not there. Officials said they welcome more tips on the Top 25 Most Wanted.

"[Tell us, even] if you have a vehicle description, a tag number, or anything like that, to go along with their clothing description," reminded Adams.

The law enforcement agencies involved in CrimeSTOPPERS Street Sweep called it a success, because so many people in the community worked with law enforcement, wanting to clean up their neighborhoods.

Albany Police Media Manager Phyllis Banks said "Creating that partnership. Building on that partnership. And then allowing people to get paid for the information that they provide to law enforcement.  So we can continue to get people that we need to get off of the streets."

Friday morning the No. 5 most wanted, David Bradley, turned himself in at the Dougherty County Jail. Sheriff's officials say he saw his mug shot during Street Sweep, and decided not to wait for law enforcement to hunt him down. The hunt for the other 24 fugitives continues.

Albany, Dougherty and Lee County law enforcement say they will continue to use that information to try to put those suspects behind bars.

Any caller who helps authorities arrest of one of those Top 25 will get a reward. The CrimeSTOPPERS Tip line is 436-TIPS.

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