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Colquitt County man remembers JFK's funeral procession

Chris Tucker JFK Funeral Attendee. Chris Tucker JFK Funeral Attendee.

50 years ago, President Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas.

As the country reflects on the somber anniversary, one Colquitt County man remembers being at the funeral procession in Washington, DC when he was only five-years-old.

These pictures are the only two mementos Chris Tucker has from that solemn day in Washington. His family lived in Lakehurst, New Jersey when JFK was assassinated, but they didn't know about his death until their neighbor stormed over to their house.

"She was all frantic, she was pounding on the door and told my mom, hey you need to turn on the TV the president has just been shot," said Chris Tucker JFK Funeral Attendee.

Once Tucker's family had the TV on, he vividly remembers Walter Cronkite's announcement that the president had passed away.

"I'll never forget the tears that were in his eyes. He was very emotional, but yet he was professional at the same time," said Tucker.

His family had already planned a visit to Washington D.C. Prior to the incident and while they were watching TV coverage of the funeral procession his dad had an idea.

"My dad said well that's not far from here, why don't we go down there and watch this. So we went down to Pennsylvania Avenue, I remember it was freezing cold that day, of course I was just a little guy, so my dad put me up on his shoulders so I could see over the crowd," said Tucker.

Tucker described the crowd's reaction to the approach of the Kennedy family and casket as a solemn moment.

"We waited there for a long time and finally we could hear the drum roll of the funeral procession and when they finally got in front of us, they quieted down and all you could hear was the horses walking," said Chris Tucker.

After Tucker lost both his mom and dad, the only two photos his family took that day were passed down to him.

He says he will continue to preserve them the best he can.


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