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Weather changes make for aggressive insects

As the weather gets colder, stinging insects may become more aggressive.         

Yellow jackets might seem a little meaner as their food supply gets scarce. They're searching for nesting places that might cause some problems such as your attic, walls, or the ground near your home.     

If you disturb a nest, You could get caught in a swarm.  

"More aggressive when they are feeding they will land on a, if you are sitting at one of the picnic tables they will actually land on your plate and take a piece of meat off and fly odd with it. People swat at them and they take offense to that and they turn around and sting you," said Gene Beck, Owner of Beck's Wildlife Removal.     

If you run into a yellow jacket, It's best just to leave it alone.     

But if you get attacked by an entire colony, You should run away as quickly as you can.


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